About “World class cities have editorial cartoons”

LondontLife is for cartoons, in editorial style, relevant to London, Ontario, Canada.

The town has issues. Sometimes it’s a sleepy village where nothing happens for decades. Sometimes it is trying to grow up. Sometimes it’s a sprawling vicious real life big city.

The city daily had a cartoonist. He retired. He wasn’t replaced. Local weeklies have tried local editorial until they are bought by nationals, the cartoon becomes the syndicated, broader, political voice.  There is no local editorial cartoon voice.

An industry estimate is that when a printed cartoon is distributed in a print medium, newspaper, magazine, at least 4 people see it. That viewing/sharing/distribution system is also broken locally, aside from the fact there are now no local weekly newspapers.

So, sharing is your distribution voice. Like it or hate it. Copy. Print and paste it on your refrigerator. Tweet. Share.

LondontLife is open for submissions. I am hoping to open this up to allow postings directly, but I expect this will need curation for a bit. Mail any finished cartoons to me. Text comments are open for 14 days on a post. Otherwise, if you have something to say, Draw a picture.